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Get divorced quickly, and get what you deserve.

With the wrong team of attorneys, a simple divorce could cost thousands.  And the constant fighting will take a toll on you and your children.

“I was totally taken care of by Sherene and am grateful for her expertise, professionalism, and the caring way in which she honored this important event in my life.”

Susan De Robertis, CEO

Venus In Transit Coaching

Your divorce doesn’t have to be difficult.

Sometimes you’ll need to fight.  And we will make sure you are prepared to fight, if it comes to it.  But - that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.

Our unique approach to conflict can stop the fighting in its tracks, so that you get what you deserve without the painful agony of dragging it out for months.

We bring both harmony and tenacity.

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In any case,

your lawyer makes

all the difference.

I am an attorney in White Plains, a mediator, an entrepreneur and a community leader.  As founding partner at Hannon De Palma, I provide litigation, mediation and other conflict resolution services to businesses and families.

We focus on what truly matters.

After hundreds of divorce cases, we know how to avoid the pitfalls that plague most cases.  We minimize the costly process of litigation and ensure a quick divorce process.

“We’ll create a plan that empowers you.  And a plan that will end the conflict fast.”

Sherene De Palma

Founder & Attorney

What you can expect:

On a free strategy call, you and I will discuss the best way to approach your unique divorce case.


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